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We humbly welcome ourselves to the blogosphere thanks to our love of music and our complete lack of local radio access to it.  As such we’ve resorted to the usual:  music blogs, satellite radio, etc.  We’re so jazzed about what we hear that we thought we’d share it with all this negative space (i.e. you).  We’re thinking this will be primarily for album thoughts, but who knows, we may discuss the theories on dark matter or what Thom Yorke made for breakfast this morning.  Truth be told, we really don’t know anything about either.

In classic review format, we felt that everyone loves a good scoring system.  Done.  We also wanted to introduce this stuff to the “common man” who finds himself in a similar conundrum as we:  no access to this stuff and a desire to find something new; therefore we thought a few common entry-points would be beneficial.  Example:  if you liked David Cassidy’s album or Leif Erikson, you might dig Bieber’s new effort.  Or you might think they’re all shit, which is probably what brings you to us.  Enjoy.



1. Terry - August 6, 2010

I’m most interested in your theories of dark matter. And watch what you say about David Cassidy. I’m a big fan of the Partridge Family.

But seriously, you guys did a great job with the initial introduction. I’m impressed. Love, Dad

2. james wilkinson - December 19, 2010


Fancy doing a review on Love In The Asylum? best support band so say GIITTV

Gonna be big in 2011.

3. bourgeoisie listner - June 27, 2011

I love this site. I can tell from the heartfelt, common man interpretation of the music (though heavy on the ‘oughts) is written by men who disdain the consumerist traffic of the moneyed classes….BMW’s, linen pants, and the like. Goodonya mates. Keep it up.

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