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Tame Impala – Mind Mischief (The Field Remix) March 5, 2013

Posted by greatbloginthesky in Recommendations.

Sweden’s Axel Willner makes the kind of music that feels less like a progression of notes and chords and more like swimming in a warm technicolor stream.  Detail is paramount to the Kompakt keystone.  He establishes his foundation and then sprinkles in subtleties that stir the comfortable haze up with each successive pass.  His albums are beautiful exercises in headphone prowess.

Here he’s taken the most arresting track from Tame Impala’s Lonerism and built it into a hypnotic funk.  The original’s thick synth stabs ebb and flow as the mix progresses, ultimately intertwining with Kevin Parker’s lament “but she was only messing around”.  It’s  more Field than Tame Impala, as remixes should be – take the stems and graft them into a new being.

The significance here isn’t in this song’s pedigree, and Willner isn’t only messing around.  The beauty is in it’s feigned simplicity, as it is with most Field tracks.  His talents lie in lulling you into his trance, then peppering you with flecks of intricacy.  Really hear this track:  keep your ear to the speaker and follow his leads.



1. margaret - March 6, 2013

Nicely written. A pleasure to read.

greatbloginthesky - March 6, 2013

Thanks Maggie!

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